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Wish The Teacher Would Just Cocoon Himself

| Learning | October 13, 2016

(I take my second graders outside to gather leaves and flowers for pressing into their books. One of my students finds a large caterpillar munching on leaves. My students gather around, and I explain to them how caterpillars turn into butterflies. Another (very grumpy) teacher happens to pass by.)

Students: “[Teacher #2], [Teacher #2], look at the caterpillar! It’s going to turn into a butterfly!”

Teacher #2: “Oh, it is not. Stop telling lies.”

Me: “What?!”

Students: “Yes, it is! Ms. [My Name] said so!”

One Student: “And I read it in my book!”

Teacher #2: “Well, where’s the butterfly? Inside that ugly thing? You shouldn’t be teaching these kids lies.” *slouches off*

(Words fail me.)

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