Wish He Would Just Sit Down And Stay

| Working | July 24, 2017

(I see an ad that a store is going out of business and having a liquidation sale. Excited, I go to see, since I’ve been looking for a chair. But I’m disappointed because the prices are in the $1000 range. A salesman comes over.)

Salesman: “Hello, what’re you looking for? A bed? A sofa? A rug?”

Me: “A chair.”

Salesman: “We have those! And also tables, and curios, and…”

(He goes on and on. I’m becoming bored.)

Me: “Okay… I’ll just have look around.”

Salesman: “Sure! Look! Don’t look at those prices; just buy what your heart wants!”

(So I look, but then he starts following me, everywhere. I’m becoming more and more skeeved out, so I head for the door.)

Salesman: “Wait, look at this chair, it reclines!”

(I laughed, which made him angry, so I left. I don’t know how overly aggressive salespeople like him ever make money. The furniture was nice but he wasn’t.)

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