And I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

, , , | Related | June 15, 2017

(Sometimes I wonder how my sister and I are related as she comes out with some really stupid one liners. Usually when we explain she’s wrong she shrugs and accepts it but this time is different. We’re listening to a radio station in our living room when she changes it to a Christmas station. Note: it’s March at the time.)

Sister: “Why are there Christmas stations this time of year? Christmas was three months ago.”

Me: “There are stations that play Christmas music all year round.”

Sister: “Well, I suppose it’s Christmas somewhere.”

(I glance over thinking she is joking, but nope, she looks totally serious.)

Me: “I’m sorry, did you just say it’s Christmas somewhere?”

Sister: “Yeah, like in Australia or South Africa.”

Me: “No, that’s not how it works. Australia is ahead of us so they get Christmas a day before us but that’s the biggest gap.”

Sister: “But they have summer in our winter.”

Me: “Yes, they do, but the date of Christmas never changes. It’s always the 25th of December so I can guarantee you that no-one is celebrating Christmas in March.”

(She seemed to accept this and move on. I have no idea if she understood what I was saying.)

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