Wireless, Clueless, Hopeless, Part 42

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It is a Saturday afternoon and the shop is empty as it usually is at about 2:00 pm. My assistant manager and coworker are pricing up some delivery items behind the counter and I am standing on the shop floor to greet any customers. An old lady with a walking stick enters the store looking like she just ate a lemon.

Me: “Hi there, ma’am! How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I bought this tablet to play games and watch videos and it doesn’t work.”

I’m skeptical because we have a testing process that all of our electrical goods go through.

Me: “All right, I’ll have a look at it and see what I can do.”

She takes an iPad from her bag and presents it to me. I turn it on to find that it hasn’t been set up yet and is at the Choose A Language screen. Thinking she’s just reset it, or a family member has, I start to set it up. I get to the WiFi part of the process and she starts:

Customer: “Ah! What’s that you’re doing?”

Me: “I’m connecting it to the store WiFi.”

Customer: “And will that work when I go home?”

Me: “No, do you have a router at home to connect to WiFi?”

Customer: “Yes! I’m with [Company]! But I was never told I would have to connect it to the Internet.”

Me: *Trying my best to not show any emotion* “Well, you need to connect it to set it up and download these things.”

Customer: “And you’re doing that now?”

Me: “Yes, but this will not work when you get home; you’ll need to connect it there, too.”

She starts stamping her walking stick and foot and yelling.

Customer: “I want a refund!”

I look to my assistant manager, who just looks a little dead inside but brings her over to the till to process her refund. My coworker and I retreat to the back of the store to quietly giggle, masked by her yells of refunds. When we compose ourselves, we return, I step behind the tills to put a piece of litter I found on the floor in the bin, and she gives me a death glare.

Customer: “I shouldn’t be expected to know how these things work!”

Me: “All due respect, ma’am, my aunt and uncles are both in their eighties and can work their computers just fine.”

I didn’t get in trouble, and I am still waiting to hear a complaint from her!

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