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Wipe Away Your Judgements About Others’ Purchases

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I am replenishing my quarantine supplies at a store. I grab a three-pack of baby wipes. I have an eleventh-month-old daughter, and finding baby wipes is very difficult right now as people seem to be using them for toilet paper and disinfecting things — they are not disinfectant, by the way.

But this store actually has quite a supply. I put the package of wipes into my cart and start to move on to the next thing on my list. It is three packs of wipes, but they’re packaged as one and not sold separately.

A lady calls from behind me.

Woman: “Excuse me, but I’m elderly.”

Me: “Oh… umm…”

Woman: “I’m at risk.”

Me: “Yes.”

Woman: “I need the wipes. You don’t.”

Me: “Well, I have a baby, so I do need them.”

Woman: “Where is your baby, then?”

Me: “At home, with her father, social distancing.”

Woman: “Well, I need the wipes more than you.”

Me: “There are actually plenty right here.”

I motion to the well-stocked shelf.

Woman: “There won’t be if people like you keep taking them.”

Me: “People like me? You mean, people with babies?”

Woman: “Yes, hoarding like that.”

Me: “I took one. And I have a baby.”

Woman: “You took three.”

Me: “I took three, which are packaged as one. I took one.”

Woman: “I need wipes, though. I’m at risk.”

Me: “And I have a baby. I need them, too.”

She tried to continue the conversation, but I just walked away.

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