Winter Roundup 2019

| Right | January 12, 2019

Ahh, winter. The cold, the snow, the ice, the frigid winds.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we’re in the middle of it now.  Here are some stories about the shorter days and shorter tempers, and frozen lands and frozen brains.

For our readers in the southern hemisphere, send some of those warm thoughts up this way, please?

Extra Coating of Generosity — A warming act is heartwarming.

Your Argument Has No Hairy Leg To Stand On — A timeless winter discussion: to shave or not to shave

Four Legged Friends And Their Two Legged Twits — Thought processes iced over.

No Fortitude For Longitude, Part 6 — When is summer not summer? When it’s winter!

Let There Be Unhappy Feet — Even penguins get how the whole hemisphere thing works…

Customers Ensure There Is No Calm Before The Storm — Impending bad weather brings out the extra entitled.

Weathering Demanding Customers — Sometimes winter just doesn’t look like winter. Most of us can handle that.

Her Logic Doesn’t Fly — This conversation migrated south for the winter.

You’re In Hot Water Now — You can’t change the laws of frozen physics.

Yukon Freeze It, Part 3 — For some people, winter is a state of mind… despite reality.

Putting The Undying Love Into Undying — It’s never the wrong season to worry about the zombie apocalypse.

You Working It Makes Others’ Work Worth It — A final tale to warm up your winter-weary soul.

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