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Winter Is Not Coming Out

, , , , | Right | June 8, 2021

It is an unusually busy time of day. The parking lot is packed full of customers either dropping off or picking up their pets, and there is only one person working the receptionist position. I am a groomer, but I am asked to help by picking up a ringing phone nearby. Due to the ongoing crisis, we are doing curbside service and not letting anyone in the building. You call us and we go to your car.

Customer: “Hi, I’m picking up Winter! How much is it going to be?”

Me: “Okay! Let me take a look at the estimate you signed, and I’ll let our receptionist know you’re picking up.”

I check the price.

Me: “Okay, looks like it’s [price] for the bath and [additional fee] for the medicated shampoo you asked us to use.”

Customer: “What? Did you raise your prices? I’ve never paid that much!”

I explain the price breakdown and tell her there was a price increase at the start of the year. It’s now summertime. She continues to complain, so I ask her if I can have someone go out and talk to her. She says yes and tells me which car she’s in — the only car in the lot of that color — and I let my manager know what’s up.

Manager: *Approaches the car* “Are you picking up Winter?”

Customer: “No! We’re not!”

Manager: “Oh, I’m sorry about that.”

My manager starts looking for the owner, eventually going back inside to look at the account to call them back. The customer storms in without a mask, which is at this point ILLEGAL.

Customer: “Where’s my dog? What’s the holdup? I’ve been waiting forever!”

Manager: “Sir, I need you to step outside. Nobody is allowed in the building right now and you have to be wearing a mask. Who are you picking up?”

Customer: “It’s Winter! I’m not leaving till I get my dog! You need to get me my dog right now!”

Manager: “Sir, I came to your car and asked if you were here for Winter, but you said no.”

Customer: “Yeah! Why aren’t you getting my dog?! You came to my car!”

Manager: “I did, but you said Winter wasn’t your dog. If you could please step outside, we can continue this conversation.”

My manager steps outside and the customer follows.

Customer: “This is unacceptable! We’ve been waiting so long!”

Manager: “I’m sorry for the wait, but as you can see, we are very busy and other customers have come to pick up their dogs as well, and it’s just the one receptionist.”

Customer: “We’ve been waiting longer than them!”

The customers who are waiting outside patiently, who were here first, are giving this guy the stink eye. He doesn’t notice and continues his rant.

Customer: “Obviously, you don’t know how to do your job right! This is horrible customer service! You should give me a discount for this! And I want my dog now!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, sir, but the price that was signed for during check-in, [price], is what the price of the bath and special shampoo is. I will not be giving you a discount today, especially not after how mean you’ve been. Furthermore, we will not be releasing your dog to you until the bill is paid, as per policy.”

After more ranting and raving, my stone-faced manager gets the guy to cough up the dough and he brings the dog out.

Manager: “Here’s your receipt, sir.”


Manager: “That’s fine, sir. We do not want your business and you are no longer welcome here.”

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