Winning The (Price) Match

, , , , , | Right | May 13, 2019

(My local game store used to run a price match for other stores, but recently stopped doing it due to fraud.)

Me: *to cashier* “Um… Could I please get a price match for this game?” *holds up game*

Cashier: “No, sorry, we stopped doing that about a month ago”

(As he says this he looks prepared to be yelled at.)

Me: “Oh, okay… It’s only a few dollars, anyway.”

Cashier: *surprised* “You didn’t yell at me?”

Me: “No… Why would I?”

Cashier: “Most people who come in unaware that we stopped the price match yell at us. I’ve had about three people today; one of them even threw the game at me.” *points to bruise on his arm*

Me: “Wow, some people. Oh, well, only a few dollars difference, anyway. I’ll buy it at full price; could you please ring this up?”

Cashier: “And she’s polite! You are by far the best customer I’ve had all week.”

(To the cashier: you are awesome, and I hope that all the mean and nasty customers have stopped by now.)

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