Winning By Naked Ambition

| Friendly | March 3, 2015

(We are all thoroughly engrossed in a card game that is a sort of mockery of dungeon-crawling games, meant to be excessively odd and humorous. In other words, it’s a game to see how much you can troll your friends. Curse-wielder girl plays some kind of curse card that takes away everyone’s armor or clothing gear in the game. Everybody groans except for a guy who is sitting near me, and just grins.)

Curse-Wielder Girl: “Wait, [Guy], shouldn’t you be affected too?”

Guy: “No, he’s not wearing anything but equipped headgear.”

Other Girl: “[Guy]! Why aren’t you wearing clothes?!”

Other Guy: “Because he’s a leprechaun and he does what he wants…”

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