Winker, Waiter, Father, Cry

| Working | September 17, 2013

(My parents and I are vacationing along the coast, and after a long drive to our next city, we decide to stop at the restaurant beside the hotel. Although I am 14, my appearance resembles a young adult. Our waiter is obviously in his 20s.)

Waiter: “Hello, and welcome to [restaurant]. Is this your first time here?”

Dad: “Yes, we’re vacationing this week; we just pulled in about an hour ago.”

Waiter: *looks at me* “Well then, let’s not keep you lovely people waiting! What would you like to drink?”

(Everyone orders water, including me.)

Waiter: *still eying me* “Aw, not even a little drink to kick off your vacation? We have a wonderful spirit on special tonight.”

Me: “No thanks. It’s not like I can drink anyway!”

Waiter: “Yeah, parents can be a drag sometimes, keeping you behaving. If you’re nice, maybe they’ll let you go to the club next door tonight.” *winks*

Dad: “…are you trying to flirt with my 14-year-old daughter? AND pressuring her to drink after she said no?”

Waiter: “She’s 14?!”

Whole Family: “Yes!”

Waiter: “I… uh… I’ll get your drinks in.”

(We had a different waiter for the rest of the night!)

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