Winging It Before You Can Fly

| Working | February 25, 2015

(I have to train a new hire that will do pretty much the same job I am doing. This is a typical conversation with her.)

Me: *going to her desk first thing in the morning, after spending the previous day showing her different forms she needs to complete* “Okay, let’s go over that form so we can send it through the system.”

New Hire: “Oh, I already did it and sent it.

(I presume she followed the notes she took the day before to complete it and ask to see the finished form.)

Me: “Um, this is completely wrong and you already sent this through the system?! If you had questions, why didn’t you ask me? And why did you send it without my checking it first?”

New Hire: “Oh, well you were gone for the day, and I wanted to get it off of my desk, so I just winged it and sent it through.”

Me: *face-palm*

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