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Windscreen And A Smokescreen

, , , , | Learning | January 30, 2018

(Since my school is a bit inaccessible by public transport, they’ve made arrangements with a taxi company for a carpooling scheme. Our driver is nice enough, but he’s also a heavy smoker. Obviously, he’s not allowed to smoke with us in the car, but he often attempts to circumvent this by filling it up with smoke before picking me up at the start of his route. Some variation of this conversation usually follows. I get in the car, immediately smell the smoke, and open the window.)

Driver: “It’s not that hot. We don’t need the window open.”

Me: “There’s smoke everywhere. I’m letting it out.”

Driver: “You’ll get used to the smell in a minute. Just leave it.”

Me: “It’s not the smell I’m worried about; it’s more than a dozen types of toxins.”

Driver: “Just live a little. You’re supposed to be experimenting with these things at your age.”

Me: “It’s because I want to live that I don’t want to passively smoke.”

(On one occasion, he tries locking the windows.)

Me: “You need to open this.”

Driver: “I’m fed up with you letting all the cold air in. So, I’m locking them from now on.”

Me: “If you don’t unlock it, I’ll tell the school and your boss what you’re doing.”

Driver: “Fine!” *opens the window*

(If the journey was delayed by traffic, he’d often snap and lean out the window for a quick smoke. Seriously, couldn’t he just hold it for an hour?)

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