The Wind Is Blowing Them In Today

, , | Right | April 20, 2018

(We are in a windy area, so we often close one of our entrances and leave a sign asking patrons to use a different entrance. This day has been particularly bad for sign-blindness. A patron tries to open the door, then steps back to look at the door, totally missing the sign at eye-level in front of her face.)

Patron: *knock knock* “EXCUSE ME!”

(I wave and smile, and gesture for them to move to the next door. The patron ignores me, steps back to door, and tries to push again, actually placing her hand and pushing ON THE SIGN that says, “PLEASE USE OTHER DOOR DUE TO WIND.” Then, she glares at me when it doesn’t open.)

Me: *gets up, goes to other door and open it, calling out* “Hi, guys! Sorry, we’re just using the one door today due to the wind.”

Patron: “Oh, okay. We didn’t realise.”

Me: “Yeah, sorry, we do have a sign up.”

Patron: *as if it was my fault for the sign not being obvious enough* “Well, we didn’t see it.”

Me: *unable to keep it in, muttering* “Well, you put your hand on it.”

Patron: “What was that?”

Me: *with a big smile* “Oh, nothing. Enjoy your visit!”

(I go back to my desk and sit down. Another customer comes to the door, tries to open it, tries again with their hand touching the sign, and then looks questioningly at me.)

Me: *sigh*

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