Will You Meow-rry Me, Part 2

| Romantic | May 18, 2012

(My girlfriend’s cat is a big mama’s boy. He likes to spend his nights with her in her bed, which takes some getting used to for me.)

Girlfriend: *to the cat as he jumps up on the bed* “Hi sweetie.”

(He whines and starts rubbing his head on her arm.)

Girlfriend: *to me* “Honey, can you hand me his brush? It’s on the shelf over there right next to you.”

Me: “Sure babe. Is he okay?”

Girlfriend: “Oh, he’s fine. Lately he’s been funny about going to sleep, he’s just like a toddler. If I pet him and brush him and he goes right to…” *her voice trails off*

(She has just pulled his collar off, where I have left an engagement ring knowing the fur-ball would insist on some attention before settling down.)

Me: *sitting on the bed next to her* “Will you?”

Girlfriend: “Did you just use my cat as a ring box?”

(She accepted, but after this, the cat wouldn’t let me take off or remove his collar.)


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