Will Take More Than That To Shake You Down

, , , | Right | June 28, 2017

I am the customer in this story. After a long day of first work at my fast-food restaurant and then babysitting, I have stopped for a late supper at the only decent fast food place still open at that hour.

There’s a group of high schoolers at a table. As I’m ordering, one of them tastes his friend’s shake. He runs over and jumps up ONTO THE COUNTER, yells “THIS S*** IS GOOD!”, throws the shake on the ground, breaking it open and sending it all over the floor, and runs out the door before anyone can do anything. (His friends had the decency to be as shocked as we all were, and tried to help clean it up.)

Somewhat startled, I finish my order, and turn to wait for my food. I look down to find a safe path through the shake mess and realize that there’s also shake all over my pants. As I note it, the cashier also sees it, and apologizes profusely. I turn to her and grin.

“Don’t worry about it, ma’am. I work at [Other Fast Food Place]. This isn’t even the first time that I’ve had shake on my pants TODAY!”

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