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Will Require A Medium To Figure Out What He Wants

, , , , | Right | March 15, 2021

I work at a donut shop that is more well known for its drinks. I am at the register taking orders while my coworker is in the back washing the dishes to prepare for closing. A customer walks up to me.

Me: “Hello! What can I get for you tonight?”

Customer: “I’ll get an original hot chocolate with no whipped cream.”

Me: “Perfect! What size would you like?”

Customer: “Original.”

We have our sizes listed above the register, for both our cold and hot drinks. They are both clearly labeled.

Me: “I apologize, sir, what size would you like?”

Customer: “Original.”

I’m getting frustrated as I can’t read minds.

Me: “What size, sir?”

The customer glares at me.

Customer’s Wife: “What size, honey?” 

Customer: “Regular.”

I finally got it out of him that he wanted a medium.

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