Will Not Be Party To This Chat

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I made a friend on an MMORPG who has become one of my best friends, despite us never meeting in person. We talk about everything imaginable and are very close, even knowing a lot about each other’s families.

One time we were waiting for a party to come together for a boss fight online and were chatting about random stuff. I was talking about my mom, who has had terrible teeth all her life and has terrible self-esteem from it — other reasons, too, but that’s a big one.

In the middle of our conversation, a person joined the party just as I submitted a message. I believe what I typed was, “I’ve begged her to get implants for a long time now, but she would never spend that kind of money on herself.”

Mere seconds after I sent that message, I went to greet the person who joined us, but they immediately disconnected. A second later, my friend and I realized the person probably thought I meant breast implants instead of dental implants, and fled from our weird conversation and our party. Guess we should have been using our private chat instead of the party chat. Oops.

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