Will Never Speak Of It Again

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(During puberty I had terrible issues with my throat, which some doctors attribute to issues I had as a child that led to my tonsils needing removed. I had infections pretty much every other week, but most weren’t too bad and could easily be remedied with few painkillers. There was only one time where I had completely lost my voice over the course of the day, and needed my mum to phone in sick at work for me.)

Mum: “Hi, this is [My Name]’s mother. I’m just calling to let you know that he can’t come in today as he has a sore throat and lost his voice. We’re going to the doctor later this afternoon.”

Manager: “We really need [My Name] to phone in and tell us.”

Mum: “But he’s lost his voice. How is he meant to tell you?”

Manager: “We can’t accept a sick notice unless he notifies us personally.”

Mum: “HE CAN’T SPEAK, as in there is literally nothing coming out of this mouth! [My Name], you try…”

(I grab the phone, but only a hoarse rasp escapes…)

Manager: “[My Name], if you can’t confirm that you’re sick—”

Mum: “Is she f****** stupid?” *shouts* “HE CAN’T F****** SPEAK!”

Manager: “We’ll see about it when you’re next in…”

(Before my next shift I had a disciplinary hearing. The manager whom my mum spoke to went on a tirade about how it was the worst faking of illness she’d ever heard. I showed her my doctor’s note which said I was suffering from bronchitis, laryngitis, and oral thrush. That shut the b**** up faster than my diseased throat ever could!)

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