Will Need To Take Stress Leave For Trying To Get Bereavement Leave

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(My grandmother dies the same day I return from a disability leave. She lived overseas so I won’t be able to go to the funeral, but I contact my manager about bereavement time as I am still working partial hours.)

Me: “My grandmother overseas passed away yesterday evening. I’m not able to attend the funeral, but I would like to take bereavement time. How would that work?”

Boss: *after checking with HR* “You will have to ask your caseworker for approval. Please let me know what they say.”

(I leave a voicemail for my caseworker the same day. She calls back almost three weeks later, telling me that they are not involved and that I should speak with my employer. I tell my boss the next day:)

Me: “The caseworker just called me back yesterday and said that they aren’t involved with bereavement. They just take the hours I work and coordinate with my benefits.”

Boss: *again, after asking HR* “Is your intent to take the full bereavement time?”

Me: “Yes.”

Boss: “Track it with the hours you work, then, and take the time soon; it’s been almost a month!”

(I would have taken it when I asked if I wasn’t given the wrong answer!)

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