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Will Need Extended Hours Of Sleep

| Learning | November 10, 2014

(We have an important paper due today worth a lot of marks.)

Friend #1: “Did you finish the paper?”

Me: “Yeah, but only just.”

Friend $3: *walking into the room* “I know. I was up till 3 am working on it.”

Me: *handing the paper to the teacher* “I went to bed at 1 am.”

Teacher: “Do you guys not understand how important sleep is?  You need to get at least eight hours!  And what are these papers?”

Me: “We got a bit behind on getting our papers done.  And they’re the assignment that’s due today.”

Teacher: “The assignment? Crap! I forgot to post the extension for that.”

Entire Class: “Seriously?”

(He really had meant to give us an extra week to work on it.)

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