Will Need An “I’m Sorry” Card

, , , , , | Working | November 28, 2019

(I work at a small store where it’s just me, the store manager, and one other employee most of the time. I open on most days, and the manager closes on most days. After I get home, at the time the manager would be closing the store, I get a text:)

Manager: “Before you ask tomorrow… it just happened.”

Me: “What did?”

Manager: “Not saying. Tried fixing it a little. The rest tomorrow.”

Me: “Should I be worried?”

Manager: “We’ll find out tomorrow.”

(The next day as I am opening the store, I am looking everywhere for something amiss. And then, I spot the two free-standing racks of greeting cards. I send my manager another text.)

Me: “1. You’re a jerk; I was fearing the worst. 2. How did you destroy the cards that badly? 3. You’re fixing it.”

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