Will Load It Up To Poo-Tube

| Friendly | March 26, 2014

(I observe a neighbor walking his dog while talking on a cellphone. The dog does his business on my lawn, and starts walking away. The neighbor starts walking away with him.)

Me: “Excuse me!”

Neighbor: *on phone* “Hang on, honey.” *to me* “Yeah, what?”

Me: “Your dog just left a pile on my lawn! Aren’t you going to pick it up?”

Neighbor: *looking at the pile* “That’s not from my dog! It’s too big! And he already did his business! Go to Hell!”

Me: “Well, lucky for me, I video recorded the whole thing on my phone. So unless you want a citation from the police, I suggest you pick it up.”

Neighbor: *taking out a handkerchief and picking up the mess* “A**-hole!”

Me: “Have a nice day!”

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