Will Keep Bugging You

, , | Working | September 26, 2017

(I’ve published for years with a particular online company, with excellent results. My most recent project, however, is not working—text won’t flow onto the pages, and so forth. After multiple attempts at email support over a couple of weeks, the tech sets up a live chat consultation. He tries several things, all of which I’ve already attempted. He expresses surprise each time it doesn’t work, and I occasionally cheerfully interject, “Welcome to my world.” Finally, after close to two hours with no result of any sort:)

Tech: “Well, it’s obviously a bug. And I need to work with other customers now.”

Me: “I refuse to feel guilty for taking your time, as we have not solved my issue.”

Tech: “Well, it’s a bug. You’ll have to figure out a work-around. Good-bye!” *click*

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