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Will Have To Accept Their Parking Lot In Life

, | Right | May 18, 2017

(We are a deli and convenience store in a very affluent and entitled community which gets SLAMMED at lunchtime. From 11:30-1:30 parking is hard to find. A woman calls the counter where I am taking orders and working register.)

Customer: “This is unbelievable! I’ve been waiting for a parking spot for over ten minutes! I’m a busy woman; you need to bring my order out to my car and I will give you the money! You also need to pick up some–” *lists a bunch of snacks and sodas* “–and bring it to me.”

(I’ve noticed the customer’s Maserati in the middle of the parking lot holding up traffic. She’s been waiting not more than 90 seconds.)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but it is the lunch rush hour and no employee can leave the counter. Also, we do not gather your drinks and snacks. That is a service we do not provide, nor is bringing your order out to your car. You must get them yourself and bring them to the register to be checked out.”

Customer: “I have to bring my child’s lunch to school. I’m already 20 minutes late from the nail salon! I demand you bring my stuff out to my car!”

Me: “Ma’am, you want me to spend 10 minutes gathering your snacks for you, ring it up at the register, run to your car, get your money, go back to the register to get your change, and then run your money out to your car again, making every single other person’s order late?”

Customer: “Yes, or I am never coming back here again!”

(I didn’t end up doing any of that, and she screamed at us that we provided horrible customer service and she was never coming back again. Lo and behold, she was back the next day three times to buy her family breakfast, lunch, and dinner.)

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