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Will Go Gaston And On And On

| Related | March 19, 2016

(My dad and my brother often have debates whenever they’re in the kitchen, and while I mostly avoid getting involved sometimes I get dragged into it.)

Me: “Why are you two even arguing about this, anyway?”

Dad: “Because it’s fun. And no matter what side I chose, [Brother] will go on the other side.”

Brother: “That’s not true!”

Me: “Okay, scenario: Beauty and the Beast. Belle was somewhat involved with Gaston, who was awful. Because of this, should she really have stayed with the Beast?”

Brother: “Gaston was a good guy! I’ll argue this!”

Me: *I roll my eyes at this* “See [Brother], you’ll argue anything.”

(I just barely avoided actually having to argue him about this, too!)

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