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Will Get Your Blood Boiling

, , , , | Right | July 24, 2020

Our phone number has apparently been misprinted in the phone book as a heating repair company. My coworker has a very thick accent, so it is sometimes hard to understand him.

Coworker: “We just had a phone call from a guy looking for a pipe for his boiler.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll answer the phone in case it happens again.”

The phone rings.

Me: “Hello, [Bookshop].”

Caller: “Hi, can I speak to someone who can give me a quote for a part for my boiler?”

Me: “Did you just call a second ago?”

Caller: “Yeah, I got some man but I couldn’t understand him. Can you help me with my boiler?”

Me: “We’re a bookshop; I’ve been told that our number has been misprinted. You’ll have to try another company.”

Caller: *Click*

The phone rings again.

Me: “Hello, [Bookshop], can I help?”

Caller: “Yeah, I’m looking for [specific boiler part].”

Me: “I don’t know what that is; I could maybe look for a book on it.”

The caller explains what it is.

Me: “Sir, I told you earlier that we are a bookshop.”

Caller: “Oh.” *Click*

The phone rings again.

Me: “Hello!”

I say the name of the bookshop, very loudly.

Caller: “Can I speak to someone who can get me [boiler part]?”

Me: “No.” *Hangs up*

He didn’t call again.

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