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(I work at a pet boarding facility that is very popular, which means we fill up quickly, especially on weekends. We have five different sized kennels people can book: cages, cabins, large cabins, suites, and large suites. A client comes in with his three dogs: two rather large labs and a Jack Russel puppy. The following exchange takes place with my manager who is working the front desk.)

Client: “Hi, we have [Pets] here for boarding.”

Manager: “Perfect!” *looks up booking* “Okay, it looks like we have [Jack Russel] in a cage and [Labs] in a cabin.”

Client: “Yeah, we made that booking right after we got our puppy, but the female lab and the puppy have really bonded so we want them all together.”

Manager: “Oh, I’m sorry, sir, but our cabins are not big enough for three dogs.”

Client: “What?! That’s ridiculous; I want to see these cabins! I’m sure it will be fine.”

Manager: “We’d be happy to show you, sir.”

(She pages one of my coworkers working in the back to come give him a quick tour. Our cabins and our large cabins are in the same area.)

Client: *after the tour* “Yeah, I guess you’re right; they wouldn’t fit. I did see some bigger kennels, though, and they would all three fit in those for sure.”

Manager: “I can see if we have any openings.” *quickly looks through the computer, even though she knows we are full* “I’m sorry, sir, but all of our large ones are booked. You will have to keep the two different kennels, but we will make sure they get plenty of time together.”

Client: “Well, can’t you just move another dog into the smaller one and let us have the bigger one? Their owners would never know.”

Manager: *shocked expression* “Sir, we can’t change someone else’s booking. That would be unprofessional. Wouldn’t you be upset if we moved your dogs around for someone else?”

Client: “Yeah, but they’d never have to know! My dogs are only staying for a few days.” *they are staying over a week* “And how was I supposed to know they would all bond so well?”

(This went back and forth for a while before the client, reluctantly, agreed to his original booking. He just couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t move someone else so his dogs could be together even though he was the one who booked them separately.)

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