Will Get A Good Whine At The Grocery Store

, , , , , | Right | March 17, 2020

(A young professional woman in her twenties or thirties comes through my line. She’s on her cell phone but I don’t mind as she has already indicated her bagging preferences.)

Me: “I need to ID you for the wine.”

(She hands me an expired license.)

Me: “Unfortunately, I can’t sell you alcohol without a valid ID.”

Customer: *her whole body slumps* “Why not? I’m obviously over 21, and my birth year is on the card even if it is expired.”

Me: “I’m sorry. It’s against the law, but I’ll check with a manager.”

(The manager arrives quickly and gives me the sideways eyeball since we both already know the answer is no.)

Manager: “We are unable to sell alcohol without a valid ID.” *hands the customer the expired ID*

(The customer then started loudly complaining to her friend on the phone about how they never need her ID at another large grocery chain in the area. I had to continue to fill the bags as the customer loudly “talked” to her friend on the phone about how inconvenienced she was, and on her birthday no less. It was obvious from the sideways looks and phone narration that this was for my benefit. Sorry, lady, but your $9.99 bottle of rosé is not worth losing my job and health benefits. The number of customers who drive to get wine but are driving without their license is mind-boggling.)

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