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Will Englut For All Time

| Related | September 25, 2015

(I am texting with my brother about his recent job interview. He is comparing his potential disappointment to the Sword of Damocles.)

Brother: “Yeah, my situation isn’t a perfect example… I’ve mostly just appropriated the sense of foreboding without concern for what has caused it.”

Me: “Old pizza.”

Brother: “Or future endeavors.”

Me: “With old pizza! Oh, man… a week from now I’m going to eat this pizza. It’s going to make me so sick. Sigh… fret…”

Brother: “I certainly hope 1500 years from now that isn’t the story that our descendants reference in their children’s dramas.”

Me: “Alas… a week from anon I shall englut this pizza. It shall make me so ill. Sigh… fret…”

Brother: “Boy, I hope I never englut anything.”

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