Will Endure The Weight Of A Bad Grade

| Port Hueneme, CA, USA | Learning | February 18, 2016

(All semester, another student has been bothering me. He sits directly behind me, kicks my seat, and makes comments about my weight to me outside of class. The professor is known to tease students in good fun, and is generally a pretty good joker. This is the last lecture of the semester, and our professor has just finished a joke. Everyone is in tears laughing.)

Student: *mumbles* “Your jokes aren’t funny, [Professor]…”

Professor: “Oh! I’ll remember that when I’m grading your finals, [Student]!”

(The whole class erupts into laughter again. The rest of the lecture goes by without incident, until towards the end, when the Professor has finished explaining what we need for Finals and is taking questions.)

Me: “Sir, do we need two scantron sheets, or just one?”

Professor: “Two will be required for the final exam, or you can bring three in case someone forgets one.”

Student: *mumbling once again, assuming only I can hear it as he’s directly behind me* “Oh it’s not like you’re passing, so don’t even bother bringing any, French fries!”

Professor: “I’ll especially remember THAT when I’m grading your finals, [Student]!”

(The student went pale, as the professor had adopted a tone that did NOT sound joking whatsoever. I passed that class, but I haven’t seen the other student around campus.)

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