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Will End Up Working Vice

| Learning | October 21, 2014

(We’re in English class and discussing what careers we want in the future. One of my classmates is rather bad at English, so she usually ends up saying something completely different than was intended.)

Classmate: “I wanna be a prostitute!”

(The entire class falls silent.)

Me: “Do you mean a prosecutor?”

Classmate: “No, a prostitute! I wanna prostitute people!”

Me: “… I’m FAIRLY certain you mean a prosecutor who prosecutes people.”

Classmate: “What’s the difference?”

Me: “Well, a prosecutor works with cops and knows a lot about the law. The prostitute is paid to have sex with people.”

Classmate: “Oh. Then, yeah, I wanna be a prosecutor.”

(The entire class lets out a sigh of relief.)

Classmate: *under her breath* “But the other option sounds pretty fun, too…”

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