Will Drink To That

, | Working | April 30, 2014

(Happy hour is ‘two for one,’ from 6-8 pm, on cocktails and beer. I settle in, and try to confirm that my usual rum and soda would be covered, presuming I use the well rum. Keep in mind English is not the bartender’s first language.)

Me: “Is it happy hour, and what does that cover?”

Bartender: “Yes. Two for one, cocktails and beer.”

Me: “So, I’ll have a rum and soda.”

Bartender: “Rum?”

(I proceed to point to rum in the menu he handed me.)

Bartender: “No, not rum, just these cocktails.”

(He points to the previous two pages of a random selection of mixed drinks. So I skim that list again, and realize a way out of my predicament.)

Me: “I’ll have a mojito, but please leave out the lime, sugar, and crushed mint.”

Bartender: “Okay, no problem.”

Me: “And that’s two for one?”

Bartender: “Yes, it is cocktail.”

(In other words, I just ordered… a rum and soda.)

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