Will Come Back All Flushed

| Working | January 21, 2016

(A man knocks on the door of our second floor office – note the floors are leased to different companies.)

Man: “We’re just doing some plumbing downstairs and we need to make sure nobody uses the toilet over the next hour or so.”

Me: “Sure. I can put a sign up, but just so you know our urinals flush automatically.”

Man: “That’s fine as long as nobody is using them.”

Me: “Are you sure? They will flush themselves. I’m pretty sure it does it throughout the day.”

Man: “It’s fine, just make sure nobody uses them.”

(I shrug at him, thinking he must know otherwise or the urinals didn’t matter, and let everyone know, then head to town for lunch. On my return…)

Colleague: “Some guy came up shouting that we’d flushed the toilet.”

(Sometimes you really wish you could have been thereā€¦)

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