Will Be Walking Tall Today

, , | Hopeless | March 23, 2017

(I work at a popular sub franchise. There are three locations in town and we are the most recommended for our great customer service. My roommate comes in time and time again to get food. On this day he comes by to check his mail and get a quick meal. My co-worker is running late and I’m handling a small rush by myself. I finally get to the last lady in line who is obviously new to the area and has an accent I’m not familiar with. Her sandwich is simple and I get her through the process quite quickly. As I’m ringing her out she asks where a specific church is. Sadly, I do not go to any of the churches in town so I am not familiar with which church she is talking about. The customer only knows that it is downtown, which is not far but could take 30 minutes with a brisk walk. I look to my roommate for help and he intervenes. He and I both look up the church she is looking for and confirms it’s right behind the bank in downtown.)

Customer: “Thank you both so much! I have to walk down there and I wanted to make sure I was going the right way.”

Roommate: “No problem! You know, I can easily give you a ride to the church. I know my way around the area and it’s not far. It’s a long walk. I’m only here to bother her.” *points to me*

Customer: *obviously flustered and on the verge of tears* “I… I don’t know. That’s so nice of you. I would appreciate it so much. I am not from around here, so it’s so nice of you!”

(My roommate insists on her finishing her sandwich in the store as he has nowhere to be. As they continue talking about the area, he gives her his phone number in case of emergencies. She is absolutely flustered and grateful at the offer and assistance that she nearly cries multiple times. By the time they are leaving, we offer her some water bottles to take with her and anything else she may need.)

Roommate: “All right, I’ll be right back.”

Me: “No problem, drive safe.” *pulls him to the side and whispers* “Free meal for you tonight, man.”

(Sometimes small things like rides can prove to be something life changing. I don’t think you should always lend a helping hand for your safety, but sometimes it is honestly the best thing you can do.)

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