Will Be Loki To Get Good Grades

| Malaysia | Learning | October 25, 2014

(In English class, we are having a discussion on how to pick up visual clues from pictures to write an analytical essay. Our lecturer shows us a poster from The Avengers, which has Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Hawk Eye, Thor, and the Black Widow all posing in a fighting stance.)

Lecturer: “If you could be someone from this poster, boys, who would you be?”

(The boys answer.)

Lecturer: “Now, girls, there is only one female in the poster, so if you could be ANYONE, ignoring genders, who would you be?”

Me: *without hesitation* “Iron Man.” *I pause* “No, wait. I take that back. Loki!”

(The girl seated next to me chimes in.)

Girl: “Loki’s wife.”

Me: *to her* “Ooooh! Yes!” *loudly to whole class* “Loki’s wife!”

(The girl and I high-five. The lecturer tells us to choose based on the poster only. Later on, he asks us who we’d be if we didn’t know the characters, based on the way they are standing only.)

Lecturer: “Remember, poster based only. NO Loki.”

Girl: “Yeah, don’t bring Loki in on this. He’s on a WHOLE other level.”

Me: “Yup! He’s practically a god!”

(We high-fived again and burst out laughing.)

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