Will Be Hearing About This For Months

, | Working | March 31, 2017

(I’m about seven-months pregnant, although it maybe only looks like I’m five months. I walk everywhere because I don’t have a car, and my town doesn’t have transit, so I’m fairly active. The owner of the restaurant comes down for our staff meeting. I am on my break when he walks in.)

Owner: “Stand up.”

Me: “What? Why?”

Owner: “Just stand up.”

Me: *stands up*

Owner: “You’re not almost due. [Manager] said you’re almost due!”

Me: “Yeah, my due date is the middle of August.”

Owner: “No! What, is it a hamster?! I look more pregnant than you do!”

(I had to show him my ultrasound pictures. Everyone that was in the break room had a good laugh about that.)

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