Will Be Giving Them The Purple Stink-Eye

| Friendly | August 18, 2016

(I have a form of incomplete albinism which causes my eyes to look like they’re light purple. So instead of having grey or red eyes, I’ve got a pale blue-grey that looks somewhat violet. I do have other symptoms of Albinism such as paler skin which can tear more easily (than someone without) in some places, and nearly white hair. I’ve just moved to a new school, and while most people have complimented my eyes, there’s one girl who is EXTREMELY sceptical of me.)

Girl: “So, where’d you get those contacts? I’ve never seen them in that shade before.”

Me: “Oh, my eyes are actually purple-ish just naturally. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?”

Girl: “Pfft… As if. People’s eyes aren’t purple naturally!”

Me: “It’s extremely rare. I don’t know the exact percentage, but I’m pretty sure it could be less than 1% of the world’s population with my form of albinism.”

Girl: “Right… Poke your eye to prove it.”

Me: “What? H***, no!”

Girl: “Well, if you’re wearing contacts it won’t hurt. If you aren’t it will.” *starts moving her hand towards my face*

Me: “I’d prefer if you didn’t do that. If you touch my eye, I’m not responsible for any reflexes which might cause me to hit you.”

(She almost did get my eye, but I moved at the last second so her finger hit the soft area of skin below my eyes. My skin being pretty weak in that particular spot, it tore slightly. It didn’t bleed, but it stung a bit. This was the last straw, so when the teacher came into the room I went to tell him what happened, and the girl got into trouble. She was still talking about how I’m “lying about my eyes” for the next 10 minutes.)

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