Will Be Exchanging A Few Choice Words

| Learning | January 6, 2014

(I am with friends. It is a few weeks into our fourth year of high school. We notice a first-year boy sitting alone at a table at lunch time and decide to go talk to him.)

My Friend: “Hi! Do you mind if we sit here?”

Boy: “Yeah, no problem. My name’s [Name].”

My Friend: “Cool. We’re [Our Names]. You’ve just started high school? Right?”

Boy: “Yeah.”

My Friend: “Are you enjoying it so far?”

Boy: “Yeah! Our teacher just told us about how this school has sister schools in France and Japan. I think that’s really cool!”

My Friend: “Well, when you’re in third year, you can sign up for the school trips to Japan or France.”

Boy: “That’s awesome! I already went up to some of the Japanese exchange students and said ‘Konnichiwa’ to them. They kept giving me funny looks, though.”

Me: “Um, [Boy’s Name]?”

Boy: “Yeah?”

My Friend: “The exchange students don’t come until next term.”

(A look of horror comes over the boy’s face as he realises he tried to speak Japanese to Australian-born students who happened to be Asian.)

Boy: “Oh, my God!”

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