Wiener Whiner

| Working | June 2, 2017

(The way our computer system works, it’s easiest to look up customers and RO’s by last name, so if someone calls into the main service phone number looking for someone specific, whoever answered the phone will generally find out their last name and say some variation of “Employee, Customer’s Last Name on line Number. Sometimes it leads to confusion — the person who’s calling may have a different last name than the one on the account, or they may have been in months ago so they don’t immediately come to mind, or there may be more than one customer with the same last name, so we may have to ask for some clarification. One of the receptionists answers the phone, and talks to the customer, then puts the line on hold.)

Receptionist: “[Coworker #1], Baloney on Line 1.”

Me: *unable to resist* “Does it have a first name?”

(It took Coworker #1 quite a while to stop laughing before she could pick up the phone. And then, about twenty minutes later:)

Receptionist: “D*** you! Now that stupid Oscar Meyer song is stuck in my head!”

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