Wictor Wictoria

| Right | December 9, 2008

(I used to work for a call center that handled an American credit card account. My coworker relayed the following transaction to me.)

Customer Service Rep: “Okay, I have your account here; could you verify your full name please?”

Customer: *garbled name*

CSR: “I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t quite catch that… could you spell it for me please?”

Customer: “T…O…Wee…”

CSR: “Sorry, was that P?”

Customer: “No, Wee.”

CSR: “E? As in Eagle?”

Customer: “NO! Wee! Wee!”

CSR: “I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand…”

Customer: “Wee! As in Wictor! As in WICTORY!”

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