Why Would You Do That?!

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We are about eight months into the global health crisis and everyone is still on edge. I’m a teacher who recently returned to work and my fiancé works retail.

One morning, I wake up feeling a little off so I go to the doctor. Everything checks out, so they send me home. 

A few hours later, I start shaking uncontrollably and know I have a fever. 

My fiancé is at work, so I tell him to come home because I have a fever and his job has protocols when symptoms of the health crisis are present. 

He comes home four hours later. I am in bed sweating and shaking. He picks up a thermometer and we find out that my temperature is 104°F.

Fiancé: “We need to be tested. One of my coworkers lives with his mom who just tested positive. And he continued to come to work after the results came back.”

I am scared and upset and it is already 10:00 pm. We go to an urgent care clinic and get tested for the flu and the other issue. The flu comes back positive and the other test comes back negative. 

A few days later, I still have a bad fever, and I’m sleeping when my fiancé gets a call from work. After some time, he comes into the room angry.

Fiancé: “My coworker lied about his mom. She died a few years ago!”

I went into a rage and started yelling about how inconsiderate this is and threatened to call his corporate office. 

I didn’t need to call corporate. Thankfully, he got fired. 

Moral of the story: don’t lie, especially about the current health crisis.

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