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Why Would Anyone Want To Divorce Such A Sweetheart?

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My husband and I are driving to the grocery store when his narcissistic mother calls. My husband answers the phone on Bluetooth.

Husband: “Hello?”

Mother-In-Law: “Hi. What are you doing?”

Husband: “We’re going grocery shopping.”

Mother-In-Law: “Oh.”

There’s a pause, followed by a long, dramatic sigh.

Mother-In-Law: “Well, I was going to tell you next time you came home, but I guess I’ll tell you now. Daddy and I are getting a divorce.”

My husband and I exchange a glance. [Mother-In-Law] married [Father-In-Law] nearly thirty years ago when they found out she was pregnant, and she has blamed him for ruining her life ever since. Their divorce is a genuine relief.

Husband: *Unbothered* “Oh, okay.”

Mother-In-Law: “You don’t care? We’re getting a divorce!”

Husband: “Mom, you hate him. He’s miserable. It’s probably really good.”

Mother-In-Law: *Angry* “Well, I’m glad you’re so well versed in healthy relationships! I stayed with him for you and your siblings, not for me.”

Husband: “Okay, Mom.”

Mother-In-Law: “Do you know how hard it is to be with someone who always asks where you were, who you were with, and when you’re coming home? How hard it has been for me to wait for you and your siblings to grow up so I could finally have my own life?”

Husband: *Disbelieving tone* “Mom, that’s exactly how you ran our lives. “

Mother-In-Law: *Screaming* “Well, excuse me for caring about you!”

Husband: “Mom, I’m not going to do this.”

Mother-In-Law: “Okay! I see who you’re siding with. Fine! Don’t come home for the holidays. You won’t be welcome!”

Husband: “I’m sorry you feel that way. I guess [My Name] and I will make other plans.”

Mother-In-Law: “This is family; she is not! Do not tell her anything! Do you understand me?”

Husband: “You’re on speaker, Mom.”

She hung up. It’s been about a year since that call. We haven’t seen [Mother-In-Law] once, but we have spent a lot of time with [Father-In-Law]. He is much happier without her.

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