Why We Put Shapes Through The Holes As Children

, , , , | Right | January 14, 2020

(A customer has come in with a blind that he purchased from us. He is livid, while his wife just looks embarrassed.)

Customer: “I bought this from you and it’s got the wrong fitting inside; I’ve had to come all the way back here to get the right fittings.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Just let me grab another blind so I can give you the right fittings.”

(I race off to grab a blind and bring back the smallest blind we carry in that style.)

Customer: “Oh, for God’s sake, you brought the wrong size. Now you are going to waste my time even more.”

Me: “Uh, sir, all sizes have the same fittings.” 

(I open the blind and pull out the fittings.)

Customer: “Oh, look at that, again with the waste of time; that’s got the wrong fittings, too.”

Me: *comparing the old and new fittings* “But I’m sure these are the correct fittings.”

Customer:No! They have to be left and right, and you can clearly see that they are identical. You obviously don’t know anything about blinds.”

Me: “Okay, just let me look at the instructions for a moment.”

(As I pull them out, I notice that the blind end has both a square peg at the top and a round peg at the bottom, while the fittings are triangular in shape with a square and round hole.)

Me: “Am I right in thinking that the other end of the blind has the square peg on the bottom and the round one on top?”

Customer:Yes! Why do you ask that?”

Me: “Um…” *flips the second fitting around so the round hole is on top*

Customer: *jaw drops* “Is that all I had to do?”

Me: “Yes, I’m afraid so.”

Customer: *now looking more embarrassed than his wife* “I owe you an apology; I have treated you so badly and you’ve been nothing but nice to me. I am sorry about my behavior.”

Me: “I’m happy I could help.”

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