Why They Keep Getting Away With It

, , , | Right | September 11, 2020

I work in a Christian store that sells books, apparel, gifts, and education supplies. One thing we sell is sleep mats for school children to take naps on. This lady comes in with an exchange.

Customer: “Hello. I bought this mat for my granddaughter for school only a couple of weeks ago and it’s already destroyed.”

The mat is very torn and worn.

Me: “Wow, yeah, it’s in pretty bad shape. Do you happen to have your receipt?”

Customer: “No, I don’t.”

Me: “Well, did you pay with a card? I could maybe look it up in the system?”

Customer: “No, I think I paid with cash. I would be okay with an exchange.”

Me: “That would be fine. We have some along the back wall if you just want to grab one.”

Customer: “Okay, great.”

She heads back there, leaving the old mat with me at the front. I start looking at the mat further, incredulous that so much damage was done to it. Then, I notice that it doesn’t look like the ones we currently stock. I look at the tag, as all our tags have dates of when they came in on the truck. It was bought seven years ago! I can’t believe this lady is trying to pull this, as this kind of thing hasn’t happened to me yet. At that moment, she reappears with a new mat.

I am looking it over, hoping I can find a way out of giving her a new one.

Me: “Oh, I see this one is slightly higher in price than your old one. Also, the old one isn’t ringing up in my system for some reason. I’ll have to call my manager to see if she can help.”

I call my manager and explain the situation as best I can in front of the customer so she doesn’t think I’m accusing her of scamming us.

Manager: *To the lady* “This doesn’t appear to ring up in our system anymore. Do you remember when you bought it?”

Customer: “Like a few months ago.”

Manager: “Are you sure? Because the tag says it’s a few years old. We don’t even carry this style anymore.”

Customer: “Yeah, I’m sure. Maybe I bought it on clearance or it was a return or something.”

I should mention that my store has a written return policy but is VERY lenient about it and will usually give customers the benefit of the doubt.

Manager: “Hmm.” *To me* “Go ahead and do an even exchange. I’ll allow it.”

I’m dying a little inside, knowing that was probably going to happen.

Me: “Okay, ma’am. Here you go. An even exchange. Have a blessed day.

Sometimes, I really can’t stand people.

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