Why Judgment Day’s Gonna Be A Cakewalk, Part 2

| | Right | November 24, 2009

Customer: “Excuse me, how do I get out?”

Me: “The door is right over there, ma’am.”

Customer: “Yes, but it’s not opening.”

Me: “It isn’t an automatic door.”

Customer: “So, how do I get out?”


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  • Ellie Paine

    *very loud headwalling*

  • Kate Avery

    I’ve had that happen. My store had two entrances, and as I was doing a display near the main (automatic) one, a woman stormed up demanding to know if she could “get out of f**cking place” though the nearby door, because the other one “was f*cking broken” and she “couldn’t understand why a store in an upscale mall could have useless piece of s**t door that didn’t even work properly.” The other one wasn’t automatic, just a normal, side-entrance door. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and checked to make sure some random customer hadn’t mistakenly locked it (which was possible), but no. She just couldn’t figure out how to use a a normal door.

  • Just. What.