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Why Didn’t You Just Name Him [Middle Name]?

, , , , , , | Related | December 17, 2020

One of my uncles goes by his middle name, except with his wife. My aunt calls him by his first name, instead, and she’s the only one who does; it’s almost like her equivalent of calling him “Darling” or “Honey.”

One family Thanksgiving, a few months after my aunt and uncle get married, I overhear this bit of conversation between my grandmother (my uncle’s mom) and my uncle. I think it isn’t the first time they’ve had this discussion.

Grandmother: “I just don’t understand, [Uncle’s Middle Name]. Why does [Aunt] say [Uncle’s First Name] instead of [Uncle’s Middle Name]?”

Uncle: “That’s just what she likes to do.”

Grandmother: “But no one else does. Why does she call you [Uncle’s First Name]?”

Uncle: *Slightly exasperated* “Because that’s what you named me, Mom.”

It’s been years, and I have yet to hear my grandmother bring up the topic again!