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Why Customers Make “All You Can Eat” Places The Worst

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I went to an all-you-can-eat pizza chain on a Saturday. They open at 11:00 am, and I got there around 11:15. As I walked in, there were already seven tables completely full of people. Out of those seven, two were hands down the worst customers I have ever seen.

For around twenty minutes, the first group hovered around the buffet and shooed people away. When a pizza was cooked and placed down, they just grabbed the whole pizza and walked away. This was a table of six. At one point, they had twelve pizzas at their table. The manager had to come out and tell them that they couldn’t do that. That led to the customers yelling and screaming that the restaurant was racist and trying to starve them. They threw two pizzas on the ground and stormed out.

Now, that was bad. What came next was worse. As this group was making a scene and walking out, another group came in with five kids. The kids were terrors, yelling, screaming, and running all over the place. They ran into other customers, and the parents simply shrugged it off. But I guess the patrons were used to this kind of thing… because they didn’t say anything and let it be.

I guess when the kids realized that the customers didn’t care, they moved to a brand-new tactic: once the pizzas were placed on the buffet, they would run up to the pizza and scream, “MINE!” Then, they would shove their hands into the pizza and run away, destroying the pizza that was just made.

Now, some of you might see where this is going. Brand-New Pizza Out Of the Oven + Child Hands Touching Pizza = Burns. This is apparently what happened. On the second round of pizzas, one of the children slammed his hands on the pizza and then immediately screamed and started crying. Cue the angry mother. She stormed up to the buffet and demanded to talk to the manager.

Manager: “Yes, ma’am?”

Mother: “You did nothing to protect my child from burning his hands. You did this!”

Manager: “Ma’am, your child ran to the buffet line and slammed their hand on a pizza that just came out of the oven. We have utensils out to prevent burning.”

Mother: “I spent $11 a person here! It is your job to keep my kids safe! You burned my baby!”

This went on and on and eventually led to the mother picking up plates and throwing them on the ground, breaking a few. As I was walking out, the manager was threatening to call the police due to the threats and the damage being caused by the tantrum being thrown.

Yet another parent customer whose lack of doing any actual parenting is both the establishment’s fault and putting the poor child in danger. Just like in these other 10 Stories About Parents Who Are Going To Get Their Children Killed!

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