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Why Barkeeps Should Rule The World, Part 6

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I am bartending at a local family establishment and some a**hole comes in with his wife. From the first minute, he’s moaning about stuff. I’m pleasant but brief with them. Eventually, they decide they’d like to eat in the bar and ask for menus. I get them their menus, and after serving a few more patrons, I walk over with a pad and pen and ask to take their order.

Customer: “You’re gonna take our order? I thought I’d get one of these hot blonde waitresses.”

His wife is visibly uncomfortable, so I shoot back:

Me: “Your wife called ahead and asked for a young stud bartender.”

After their meal, she slides me five bucks under her plate while he is moaning about the food.

About a month later in the same restaurant, the man totally unloads on a waitress for no reason. I am bartending and I kick him out. He loses his mind, screaming about how he has known the owner for his whole life and how I am done working here. I pull out the owner’s business card and hand it to him.

Me: “[Owner] gets in at 9:00. That’s his number.”

At 11:00 the next morning, the owner calls me.

Owner: “I heard you kicked out [Customer] last night.”

Me: “Yes, I did.”

I explain the scenario. He pauses for a few seconds.

Owner: “You did the right thing; he’s an a**hole. When you are on that side of my bar, it’s your bar, and they’re your staff. Keep it up.”

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