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Why Are There Never Nice Regulars?

, , , | Right | November 29, 2021

We have a regular customer whose favourite pastime is to fill a trolley with clearance items. These are a nightmare as you have to reduce the prices on the till manually. Management is worried about scanning fraud and so have disabled the multiplication button on the till. This means that each item has to be scanned and discounted individually.

Once all of her items have been scanned and discounted, this always happens.

Customer: “That’s the wrong price! You’re overcharging me! Call your manager!”

The manager comes over and the situation is explained:

Manager: “That is the correct price, ma’am.”

Customer: “Then I’m never shopping here again!”

She storms out, leaving a full trolley of goods to put back. This happens all the time and she always comes back.

One winter, we have an especially heavy snowstorm. Our policy in this case is to clear the car park access to the spaces closest to the door. We do this as very few people come out when it’s snowing, and it lets people park as close as possible. Not this regular, though. Oh, no.

She pulls into the car park, drives into the uncleared section, and tries to drive through a snowdrift, hitting a covered bollard in the process. She clomps into the store.

Customer: “Where’s the manager?!”

She then yells at him point-blank.

Customer: “Why didn’t you clear my usual parking space of snow?!”

Our manager responded by banning her from our store for being abusive towards staff.

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