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Who’s Wasting Whose Time?

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I’ve been hunting for a job in my field, having posted my resume on job search websites.

I get a call from someone who has a job for me in a city over an hour’s drive away. I’m very confused, and something seems off, so I ask the lady to confirm who I am talking to.

Lady: “I’m calling from [Placement Agency].”

Me: “I think there’s been some sort of mistake. I’m not signed up with any placement agency, much less [Placement Agency].”

Lady: “Oh, no mistake. We found your resume on [Job Site]. So, we’d like to set up an interview with [Non-Medical Company]’s corporate site, and we’ll only take a cut of your paycheck for—”

Me: “Whoa, hold on a second. First of all, I don’t have a contract with you to help me find a job. Second of all, I have no idea who your company even is, so I have no idea why I would take your advice or let you have any of my money. Thirdly, as my resume clearly states, I’m applying for Medical Administrative jobs.”

“Medical Administrative” is just big words for the person at the front desk who checks you in or creates your healthcare files when you sign up with the doctor’s office for care, among other tasks.

The lady is silent for a beat and then turns up the snobbery.

Lady: “Oh. We don’t handle jobs in the medical field. We place clients in corporate positions.”

Me: “Then why did you even call me? You didn’t even read my resume, clearly.”

She is silent for another beat and then says in a snotty tone:

Lady: “I see you’re wasting our time. I’ll be ending this call and removing your resume from our potential candidates.”


I just sat there in silent frustration and disgust.

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